No Resignation, Mr. Prime Minister

No Resignation, Mr. Prime Minister

The stage is set, the drummers have started to beat the drums, sweets songs of resignation have started to fill the air, dance party already started on beats of corruption, polite threats of security risk, dharna against elected PM, murder trial against elected PM. We all are accustomed to such threats, Democracy have known to go down the drains like this in the end, so what’s new in it? Elected PM always in the better interest of Democracy send packing, hanged or exiled so that country can be saved from these elected monsters who engulfed and corrupted the whole system.

This poor country elected so many democratic leaders, unfortunately could not produce one ‘Heera’ hence the country was left with no choice except to axe all of them before completing their democratic term. It all started even before Liaqat Ali Khan Murder, he too was maligned with corruption charges but when the poor democrat who served as the right hand in Pakistan’s independence was murdered in broad day light, a single rupee coin was found in his pocket. Then Khawaja Nazim ud Din a corrupt from East Pakistan took over the reins, he was replaced with honest Mohammad Ali Bogra imported from Washington D.C even he was not acceptable after a short time in power. Then even the most honest Ch. Mohammad Ali and Suhrawardy couldn’t meet the set standards hence kicked out to pave way for handpicked Feroz Khan Noon. Despite all the chops and cutting to size, the corrupt democracy failed to deliver, a Republican Party was created overnight to end the menace of corruption headed by Feroz Khan Noon. Poor Republican Party also failed to produce the desired results hence Ayub Khan was forced to take over the country. It doesn’t end here, a poor democrat Molvi Tamiz ud Din tried to give first constitution to this Nation, the corrupt guy was cut to size by Honorable Justice Munir.

Let’s fast forward when Fatima Jinnah stood against pious and popular Field Marshal Ayub Khan but the poor old lady couldn’t sustain the popularity of F.M Ayub Khan so like any other democrat in Pakistan the sister of Pakistan Founder was only left to be remembered by History Professors. Then the corrupt Bhutto was punished, to be more precise hanged for creating first democratic party in Pakistan along with Pakistan Muslim league which already existed before partition. Even the corrupt Bhutto was not allowed to finish the term despite winning the election twice.

Let’s move forward the history lesson and forget about corrupt regimes of Junejo, Benazir, Nawaz Sharif, Benazir, Nawaz Sharif, Jamali, Gillani, and Pervaiz Ashraf and come straight to 2017 ….

Corrupt NS won the election against all odds, sustained Tsunami onslaught and won convincingly but he had not yet completed his victory speech when Dhandli Dharna started in Lahore/Karachi that latter ended in a bigger regime change Dharna at constitutional avenue with hundreds chanting Go Nawaz Go besieging all Constitutional Buildings including Parliament, Supreme Court and attacking Prime Ministers house, on their way took over PTV building, cities were locked down ( People kept hostage ), all this was built on fake slogans, malicious propaganda which was later proved wrong in Judicial commission report, it had nothing to do with corruption, was only meant for regime change but sufferer was Pakistan which lost months of democratic rule and road to economic recovery.

Finally, Panama Gate came as an excuse to send another corrupt democratic leader packing home which all Dharnas, leaks and lock down had failed to deliver. The fact of the matter is that Panama gate has nothing to do with Public Money, its the same old script that it is time for regime change , we need to get rid of this corrupt Sicilian Mafias and God-Fathers.

After reading above Paragraphs you all must be wandering what actually I am trying to prove… The answer is very simple that in our history not even a single democratic regime has worked, even the weakest and hand picked did not survive, those who tried to resist were either hanged or exiled, resignation is not the solution it didn’t work in past and I am sure it won’t work today as well, it is always counterproductive and never helped democracy. Mr. Prime Minister a good leader always finds way, it’s your wisdom and your grit that will decide the outcome of this crisis as you already know that giving resignation or opting for a forced exile didn’t work for you in past and it won’t work this time as well.

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