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Pakistan is world’s sixth most populous country of the world with 192 million people, Pakistan has one of the lowest literacy rates in the world and according to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), it is 55 per cent and Pakistan stands at 160th in total countries of the world, The overall literacy rate has always been a huge concern here. Those who live in rural areas due to lack of resources or some other problems can’t get into schools even if they want to, in many parts of Pakistan girls are forbidden to attend school.

In year 2015 there were more than 25 million children out of school though it reduce to 22 Million in 2017 still it paint a gloomy picture, For a country like Pakistan where 21 per cent primary schools are being run by a single teacher while 14 per cent have one room and 44 percent children between the ages of 5 and 16 are still out of school stands second in ranking for out of school children figures in the world, everyone to play an active role to ensure the journey from home to the school for any child. ILMPOSSIBLE brings the trust level between parents, teachers, and students to a whole new level, not only that but also they bring local government representatives, education department officials, local influencers, and community leaders together to combine their efforts and find ways to ensure that enrolled children attend school regularly.

What is ILMPossible, “ILMPossible Take a child to school is a national program co-funded by educating a child. ILMPossible takes a child to school aims to enroll 185,000 out-of-school children into government primary schools and ensure their retention for 3 years through a robust follow-up and monitoring mechanism.”

Education and academic quality can mean different things to different people, depending on their perspective, role, and context and in part because of this, quality is notoriously difficult to evaluate. The question of how to do this has been pursued for many years, ILMPossible takes a child to school is not only taking out of school children back to school but also their ILMBASSADORS ensure that their children receive a quality education.

ILMBASSADORS also was known as agents of change are a key resource for the program that advocates children’s right to safe and quality education, each ILMBASSADOR job is to identify at least 10 out-of-school children from their community and enroll them in Government primary schools, almost every ILMBASSADOR supersede this goal.

“This program also supports the school enrolment agendas of all five provinces and in close coordination with the Ministries of Education at the provincial level and District Education Officials at the district level. A specially designed sports and Life Skills component called DOSTI (friendship) was also rolled out in 450 primary schools across Pakistan, aimed at improving coaching and sports facilities for young children and indirectly improving retention.”

The British Council worked in partnership with the Educate a Child Initiative to enrol out-of-school boys and girls in primary schools in districts across Pakistan, where enrolment and completion rates are the lowest in the country and completed three years you will be glad to know that they so far successfully enrolled 225,000 children in primary public schools of which 40% are girls and definitely we must give credit to 15,000 trained ILMBASSADORS and 350 Mohalla Committees in 65 districts across Pakistan, without tireless efforts of young, energetic individuals supported by civil society organisations and district education offices who worked alongside parents and children nothing was possible.

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