How Myopic Vision Is Hurting Us

How Myopic Vision Is Hurting Us
Today’s tragedy in a world flooded with information is that we just cherry pick whatever suits our narrative and serves us right. Most obvious example would be of Panama leaks, how most opponents cherry picked Prime minister Nawaz Sharif’s kids name and forgot how many names of their close allies and of their political parties were screaming out loud there on the list of Panama offshore account holders.
Irony died a million times when Bilwal Bhutto was demanding PM to go home just because the names of his independent kids were there and totally forgot how name of visionary leader Benazir Bhutto is there too , with all due respect , she holds a special place in my heart for being first female PM of Pakistan and her political struggle. Our ex president Mr Zardari asked Government to resign for similar reasons but guess this was all pretty halal for his close friends like Mr Irfan Iqbal Puri who happens to be in Dubai jail currently and Mr Tariq Islam a cousin of Benazir Bhutto Sahiba, NRO beneficiary and former MD Port Qasim Authority Abdul Sattar Dero , a close friend of Mr Zardari has two off shore companies too.
Real estate giant Mr Malik Riaz , his son Mr Ahmad Ali Riaz’s name is quite striking there on the list too. So are the names of our media houses moguls like Mir Shakeel ur Rehman , who happens to be employer of our beloved journalist Mr Umer Cheema ,  Mr Wamiq Zubairi and Ms Rukhsana Zubairi who both happen to be from Business Recorder , although Mr. Wamiq acknowledged and explained how he later pulled out after being defrauded. Nabila-Matrix Limited, an offshore company of British Virgin Islands, identifies its shareholders identified as Mr Azfar Hassan son of Admiral (R) Muzaffar Hassan.
Last but not the least , our beloved transformation fame leader Mr Imran Khan, his close friends and big donors name made the list even more colorful .Mr Zulfiqar Abbas Bukhari and Abdul Aleem khan both close aides of Mr Imran Khan have off shore accounts in Panama. Mr Zulfi Bokhari own this company along with his sisters.There are six companies owned by Zulfi family: K-Factor Limited, Bradbury Resources Ltd, Bayteck Limited, Bayla Trading Limited, Poreim Trading Limited and Ganstam Trading Limited. Wajid Bokhari, Zulfi’s father, was caretaker minister in the interim setup installed for holding 2008 elections. One of his uncles is sitting PTI MPA from Attock.
So let’s just focus on Sharif family and bash them because prime minister house is what we are aiming at and not for upholding law for sure.

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