Law of Jungle

We are living in a world that’s getting more hostile every passing day. We have our own moral standards and we want everyone else to play by our rules. Morality today is whatever appeases and suits us.

We all need to learn the difference between Law and our self-defined morals. In today’s world its hip and cool to be a rebel and vigilante, breaking laws and advocating how state laws need to obey our wishes. In countries where rule of law is in place that ain’t gonna happen. Best you can get is a Godfather kinda statement but nothing more because it took humanity centuries of evolution to come up with these laws.

Today, to be honest, it felt like seniors in that certain pillar of state did play kinda out of the crease , ignored obvious facts, implied assumptions, turned and quoted fictional literature from sources that even my professor told us never to use for research and ordered the institutions they were not supposed to. History is a brutal observer and irony is that it records our every move.

Bearers of torch should always abide by rules otherwise no one can stop that society from going downhill ( or from a complete disaster )
One of the greatest challenges we as a society facing today is that it’s getting astonishingly easier to accuse anyone of wrong doings and burden of proof is on the one being accused. Most worrisome is that now accusation is good enough to prove him guilty.

Our media is divided into two extremes, two ends of spectrums. The neutral and real version is getting scarce. They pick up their agenda and then start painting a picture and shaping public opinion. The tragic part about that is they don’t need proofs, they can just quote some social media posts, some bloggers, and boom. I would refrain from mentioning the names of those pure journalists with unblemished integrity and their sources here. Quantum of evidence, quality of proof is
That attitude of society is not just confined to politics and media houses, we very recently witnessed the heinous brutal lynching of Mashaal Khan, his fault was that some ill intended ones falsely accused him of blasphemy and that was good enough to prove him guilty.

Seems like now ‘innocent until proven guilty’ is something that sounds good just in books and has nothing to do with real world

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