Oye!! Kuchh kar guzar

Another first of Pakistan, first Pakistani online movie in collaboration with Youtube. A movie where the viewer choose how the story will go, I am more than happy than I should maybe for the fact that it is a Pakistani movie. Locations, storytelling, a message to pursue your dreams, and everything about the movie. Oh and how can I miss Taher Shah! Just awesome, thank you Telenor, thank you Djuice.

This all started with a war ‘City war’, you have witnessed many city wars and you may have even prosecuted in a few but this time it’s different much bigger, one of a kind not only twitter celebrities but also celebrities like Ushna shah, Uzair, Ali safina etc took positions to defend their cities.(Oye! apne city ko defend kar)

Everyone thought Oye kuch kar guzar was about city wars but it happens to be a movie. Romance, action, suspense, comedy and adventure all wrapped in one.
I am sure I am not the only one who watched this movie with all the options, I hope to see more and more initiatives like this. Our society need it. Telenor going an extra mile in doing their corporate social responsibility and I as a user of Telenor is proud of them. Other brands should learn from Telenor. It was great to see Taher shah in this role, he’s an internet sensation and credit goes to the director for adding him in the movie. Nice approach to get the attention of the youth and once they’re lured to watch it they leave with a great message.

I would like to request all the youth to spare some time and watch this movie and go for your dreams. Break the taboo. We want more and more projects like these so our youth also participate in such activities rather than trolling and politics. Rest of the world discuss drama, story, art, literature and what not in their free time and we don’t have any of that so the youth is always into politics and negativity. The concept of Oye! kuch kar guzar is brilliant if you still haven’t seen it you really need to, spread the message because this time Pakistan’s film industry needs you. Learn a thing or two and make your own too.

I am sure Pakistan have a lot of talent just need some guidance and you can get the motivation from such movies. Come forward, make your own and I believe brands like Telenor will give you a chance. If not them the general public will. Let’s do this for our Pakistan. Lets end negativity and spread art, literature and love.

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