Is Big Bang theory a myth?

At first instance, When I saw this gentleman, he was teaching his student about how new elements are detected. He was saying that by passing beams into plasma we can detect an element. He was also talking about Spectrum. But I didn’t get his first concept.. Why, I don’ t know.
As far as I know, At plasma state we cannot detect the element. Because Plasma is mixture of electrons, protons and Ions. 
By the way, I had a some piece of work at ABC University. I changed the name for some reasons. I assure you it is prestigious institute.
Clerk office is opened but Head of Department was on ‘Off’ and There was no acting head. It was strange. I went to University just to get the signature of HOD. !!! but This was not what I was expecting.
Eventually, the professor started to talk with me. How did he start to talk with me is another topic.
The thing that shocked and compelled me to write this article was that he said he didn’t agree with Dr. Pervez Hoodbhoy. I thought He probably disagreed with  Dr Pervez on the topic of Big bang.  Because Many people have objection with Pervez Hoodbhoy on this topic. And Dr. Pervez probably the one who talk about big bang.  Was I talking with a Professor?
Yeah I was talking with a professor who teaches physics, not just with a common man. But I acted like I was following him. 
Actually, He was not in concord with Dr Pervez. He was defying whole science. A man who was sitting in an Air conditioned room, wearing dress shirt which contains 50% artificial fiber and sitting in front of a computer proclaiming that he did not believe on Big bang. Is science really a myth in our mind? He should have presented his theory in front of a scientist who could have argued with him on scientific grounds. I was appalled to know that they were just wasting their time, talent and money on something which was already known. 
I know there is only one flaw in big bang but one wrong chapter doesn’t mean the whole theory is wrong. The big bang theory is tested many times and it never disappointed.
in conclusion, I begged my pardon and walked away, while thinking “May be the gentleman was just wrong . . .I don’t care “

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