Violence of the Lamb

Imran’s mantra for last few years’ suites the following phrases to the T.

If you can’t dazzle them with your brilliance then baffle them with your bullshit.

If you cannot convince them, confuse them, once they are confused they will be violent.

This is not the first time that a political public gathering of Pakistan Tehreek Insaf (PTI) has witnessed violence at Chairing Cross Lahore on May 1, 2016. There have been similar and continuous episodes playing in every rally of PTI before. Just to refresh your memory a few incidents for examples:

1. We witnessed our violent lambs breaking the fast before time in an Iftari arranged by PTI and stole the chairs in Kasoor procession before general elections.

2. We saw the chaos and mayhem displayed by our lambs in the rally just before General Elections 2013 when they almost killed their own leader, out of sheer love, pushing him from the Lifter.

3. In 2014 during Imran’s Dharna Juggernaut PTI folks cruised into women enclosure in Multan gathering , resulting into stampede that lead to loss of 14 innocent lives.

4. We have witnessed several violent incidents during 126 days long sit-in at Constitutional Avenue. One can’ forget their most peaceful attack at Pakistan Television Islamabad and National Assembly of Pakistan.

5. At the elected local body get together, representatives of PTI were seen playing Chair-Fight (forget about pillow fight its too old fashion) at Municipal Hall Peshawar during their oath taking ceremony.

6. Last week at PTI’s 20th Anniversary Celebrations at Islamabad they exhibited the worst behavior towards women folk and we are still hearing the countless stories of women molested by the patriot PTI supporters.

7. Despite the fact that PTI’s top leadership was strongly criticized on their failure to protect their female supporters from their own violent lambs, PTI, yet again, miserably failed to protect the honor, dignity and respect of their female supporters at Chairing Cross Lahore on May 1, 2016.

8. One of the worst kinds of violence these Lambs that almost each one of faces every day, is the one they demonstrate on social media. They use choicest of abuse and don’t leave any opportunity to show world about their upbringing at home and by their leadership.

That, I believe, is enough for elaborating the generally know violent, shameful and disgraceful attitude of supporters of a party which allegedly represents the educated class of our Country.

Imran epitomizes hatred , jealousy , desperation , frustration and gross mentality and it reflects in his supporters.

Now coming to the question why and how this has happened? What went wrong that our (allegedly) educated class became so violent, aggressive and abusive? My two cents in this regard are as follows:

a) While PPPP was on its way to the down stream of their dirty river of Politics and PMLN was trying to gain its power back after a long dictatorship, PTI was one of

the biggest beneficiary of this political pandemonium. Then came the rise of PTI in Minar-e-Pakistan Lahore rally. Nonetheless, nothing was enough for PTI leader Imran Khan, he wanted to ascend to the throne of power by hook or by crook. He wanted more but he didn’t want trouble himself by going to tough areas of politics i.e. Karachi, interior Sindh, Baluchistan and even the dangerous area of KPK.

Punjab is fine place, even kid like Bilawal Zardari, who even go to who his maternal native place with a battalion of Govt. and private guards, can address large rallies without any hesitation. Also its Punjab that constitutes the biggest chunk of national assembly seats and you can’t become PM without winning Punjab and Imran knew that PMLN is entrenched in Punjab; they enjoy the massive vote bank here because of their development driven policies. So out of frustration, Imran resorted to shear abuse of top tear leadership of PMLN.

One still remember him calling Sharif brothers as ‘Dengue’ brothers.

Supporters followed the same line and started exhibiting similar traits towards anyone and everyone who holds a different political view.

b) Initially they were letting their frustration drained out at social media with more or less no opposition. Soon enough, the supporters of other political parties started confronting them on social media. PTI lost its social media monopoly even before the General Elections 2013. The worst part is that, as promised by their leader, PTI not only failed to clean sweep the General Elections but even failed become the second largest party in the National Assembly. This added to the frustration of its supporters.

Had their leader, faced the reality with sanity and accepted his defeat in General Elections, facing the reality for his supporters would not have been so difficult. However the leader miserably failed to act in a civilized, prudent and sportsman’s manner, so did the supporters. Irony is that now they cannot even freely drain out their frustration on Social Media. HENCE the Lambs became violent.

Now PTI’s spokesperson is blaming Chief Minister Punjab that he sent his party workers to create a scene in their rally, shows three things:

One: they failed to identify and accept their failure again;

Two: Like leader, like spokesperson; and

Three: If in gathering of 12 thousand people, 5000 thousand were security personals and 2500 were Chief Minister Punjab’s supporters, then what happened to PTI’s HUGE support in Lahore? I believe its gone with the dirty wind.

The spokesperson’s reasoning reminded me of a practical joke: A woman, mother of two, filed for divorce in Court. The reason that she gave to the Court for divorce was, that her husband is impotent. The Lawyer asked her in open Court room if he is impotent then how about the children? Before she could have responded, in pin drop silence of Court

Room, someone whispered, her husband may be impotent but not the whole neighborhood. J

It is never too late if you accept the faults within. Cheers

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