Who is Imran Khan?

“If you do not know who is cricketer turn politician Imran”

It was never his charisma that earned Imran Khan support of people, as he struggled to win just a seat for more than a decade before being accommodated and chosen by General Pasha to replace Chodhary Brothers whose whole political party was reduced to 2 seats by Asif Ali Zardari, whole abandoned and defeated lot of establishment backed politicians were given new brand name called PTI, it is obvious that population of youth to be exploited was worked out very carefully before 30th October 2011 that is considered to be official launching of Imran Khan, pretty similar to how islamization of society was carried out in Zia’s reign.
One who does not abide law of land, who is being accused of getting money & support from different countries & military establishment to topple democratically elected government of Pakistan, who asks people to prevent themselves from using banks and use Hundi system for transfer of money, who assaulted Bani Galla Police station to get his convicted members released from jail, who has been extorting benefits from notorious Malik Riaz, Ch Serwar, Jehangir Tareen & Aleem Khan, who openly offered office to Taliban who have killed thousands of Pakistanis, who set up such criteria for people to get appointed on top positions in his party that bigger the criminal record bigger the office person is awarded, who takes more political U-turns daily than my car actually takes on road, one who directs his social media team to abuse to full one who dares to ask justification for above, one who even did not spare his second wife, discredited her by making false accusations by smear campaign against her after both parted ways, one who has yet to answer charges on him for getting money from US, India & Iran to overthrew government.

He is the one who runs second largest political party but his source of income is yet to be known, who accuses government of unnecessarily enhancing ties with India whereas avails every single chance to appease them personally, who claimed to have broken shackles of fear in Karachi but could not forbid his own candidate to withdraw in favor of MQM, one for whom person is only corrupt unless he has not performed baptism in Bani Galla, one who with all media & establishment support just managed to score 32 seats yet convinced to be most loved and towering political leader in Pakistan, who has been using Shaukat Khanum for political mileage for years but gets annoyed if questions are being raised why he invested donations in offshore companies, one who has abandoned his love child yet makes his opponents realize how important it is to be morally credible, one who assaulted PTV, one who did every single to get few of his supporters killed during sit-in to create more anarchy to extent where government gets toppled easily, one who has not succeeded on any of occasions where he declared this victory is to be last nail in coffin of government but still manages to remain same confident as if this new attempt will not meet failure.
On the contrary, our whole population is wholly comprised of small groups, being representative of one of these groups he got every right to put up his demands, but this is time for people to take the call to put an end to this for our well being.

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2 thoughts on “Who is Imran Khan?

  • April 20, 2016 at 10:27 pm
    کمال کر دیا نعمان بھائ
  • April 20, 2016 at 10:32 pm

    The question on his source of income must be arises publically overall every pakistani must know these facts not on twitter but also on media


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