Pessimistic Nation

Whenever I pick my pen to write something, I try to write something positive about development or economy. I consider myself a happy and a positive person but I think the attitude of general public on social-media is changing me, despite having a-lot of positive things I am not feeling like writing anything or complete what I have started. This attitude on SM is sucking all the positivism from me.

So much negativity, makes me wonder what have become as a nation? A bunch of ungrateful, dishonest, biased nation? A pessimistic nation? We’ve chosen political parties, religious scholars over country. Are they more important than Pakistan?

We try to find flaws, negativity in everything. We never appreciate the good things. If someone do or say something positive, we have the urge to say “But” and somehow points out the negative aspects and we’re very quick in making judgments that how this is bad and it won’t work. THIS VERY ATTITUDE IS THE BIGGEST HINDRANCE IN OUR PROGRESS.

Being negative has become a fashion here, many do it just because they see others doing it. They think they’re being intellectual. They see unnecessary telling people about flaws in everything as a sign of insight or analytical ability of “critical thinking” skills. Well you’re not, you’re just being NEGATIVE!

We knowingly believe every accusation against the party we don’t support, no-matter how baseless and speculative it is.

In recent past a-no-body like Faseeh Mangi [a person so biased who upload, share doctored/photo-shopped images just for his personal satisfaction and to spread misinformation] with an Indian wrote an (baseless and misleading) article in Bloomberg in which the author claimed that “Pakistan risks default” [default on its domestic debts? First of its kind.] But doesn’t matter as the article was misleading and full of negativity it got shared all over the social-media, trends were set on twitter [to highlight the negativity – which wasn’t even true], got shared on WhatsApp groups thousands of times, many TV anchors did shows on the basis of that report and bashed the government. Once the disinformation was spread, the author silently changed all the figures from God knows how many Billion/Trillions to millions and also changed the title from “Default” to “Risk Surges to One-Year High amid Global Turmoil” but no-one mentioned or apologized.

 Few days back Mr. Daniel FitzGerald Runde [who doesn’t know who Daniel is check here:] wrote an article for Forbes and stated: “Pakistan’s Economy is back on track” and the article also states Pakistan’s growing middle class, which will expand from an estimated forty million people today to a whopping 100-million by year 2050.

 Now how many of us know about this? How many trends/shows on this? How many people shared this article by Mr. Daniel FitzGerald Runde in comparison to a-nobody Faseeh Mangi’s article? We all know the answer.

 Be realistic! Understand that “there’s no way to get from really bad system to really good system without passing thru a-not-perfect-but-better-than-before system”.

Criticize, criticize the wrongs. Without being biased. Criticism must be unbiased thoughts and factual rather than emotions or personal preferences. If we want to progress we need to change our attitudes. No leader or dictator can bring change in our country, it’s us the people who need to change. Think.


***Positive thinking is the real secret for national development***

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