A fan turned hater

I am following cricketer turned politician Imran Khan very closely since 1982. I was ardent fan of cricketer Imran khan. I remained star struck by this legendary cricketer throughout impressionable phase of my life. He exuded charisma; he was arguably the best exponent of in-swing bowling in the history of cricket. His dedication and commitment to cricket was exemplary. He was technically a very sound batsman. He is the only bowler in the history of cricket who totally transformed his bowling during his international career and the transformation in action made him one of the best bowlers in the history of cricket. He always gave his hundred percent to the game. He undoubtedly is one of the best ever all-rounders in the game of cricket. His 12 wickets match winning spell in Sydney during 1976 tour of Australia was water shed moment in history of Pakistan cricket. Pakistan started winning test matches once Imran established himself as a supreme fast bowler by late 70s. Once he took over captaincy of the team in 82, he infused confidence in the team and under his leadership Pakistan became the best team in the world. His passion for the game, his never say die attitude and his confidence in his team did wonders for Pakistan team in his tenure. He groomed many talented players and what Pakistan achieved under his dynamic leadership is known to all.

After his retirement he shifted his focus towards social work and here too his determination and eagerness to succeed paid rich dividends. He succeeded in garnering contributions worldwide for his noble cause of building cancer hospital. During his fund raising campaign for the hospital he saw masses rallying around him throughout the country. Imran was a national hero; a world cup winner. He was probably the most charming sports celebrity country ever had. He drew crowds where ever he went. Until this point he had spell his magic as a sportsman and a philanthropist.

He is a kind of a person who keeps on challenging himself and sets new goal for himself all the time. He then goes all out to achieve the new target that he set for himself. By this point he had achieved it all one celebrity could ever dream of. But he is a dreamer and can’t sit on laurels of the past. He had to achieve something even bigger and what could be bigger than becoming the prime minister of the country. The fame and respect that he enjoyed in the country made him believe that he would get support of the masses in electioneering as well. His friends and some of elements in establishment also encouraged him to venture into politics and shackle the monopoly of the two entrenched political parties.

He started his political career as a novice but was confident that peoples across the country loves him and would vote for him in the elections. It was in 1997 when without organizing his party; he took part in the elections and got the shock of his life when he couldn’t even win one seat in the whole country. Nawaz Sharif swept those elections by 2/3 majority. He got rude awakening that politics is not as simple as he thought and although people loved him as a cricketer but that they were not ready to change their political affiliations yet.

After this disappointing start, he continued his political struggle in his capacity and got a glimmer of hope when Musharraf toppled Nawaz Sharif’s government in 1999. Benazir Bhutto was already in exile and once Nawaz was banished from the country; Imran felt that his time has come. But much to his anguish, Musharraf bestowed faith in Chaudhary brothers and other traditional politicians most of whom were part of Nawaz Sharif’s Muslim league.

He continued his political struggle despite the adversaries and one has to give it to him that he never lost hope and continued to fight his political battle. After partying ways with Musharraf, he became Musharraf’s staunch critic. By that time private media had evolved in Pakistan and Imran took full use of media to bash Musharraf and present his case in front of people of Pakistan. Imran presented his political views with full vigor in media during Musharraf era .He was vocal supporter of independent judiciary and democracy in those times and one could not help but agree to his political disposition during those days.

After drubbings in 1996 and then in establishment controlled 2002 elections , he had realized that winning elections is still a long shot for him and this realization made him present his political views with honesty and relative humbleness . He thought since he didn’t stand a chance in near future to win the national elections so he might as well try to speak his heart and mind in media and one day people might consider him as an alternative to the incumbent political class.

Gradually people started taking notice of the politician Imran khan. They started liking what he said in the media. Youth of the country who didn’t have any prior liking for any other party started patronizing Imran and then 30th October happened.

He started drawing huge crowds and believed that it’s now or never for him and if he ever wants to become the head of the state then this is the time. That’s when desperation got better of him and what we witnessed afterwards is how long nurtured dream of an ambitious man can expose his inner short comings when he gets desperate to win a battle by hook or crook. He is aging and knows that he doesn’t have much time to fulfill his dream of leading country and in desperation he is grasping the straws to make it possible whatever it takes. His frustrations after losing 2013 elections knows no bound.

What he exhibited in last few years made me analyze the other side of his personality. He is my name sake and my childhood hero too so it was hard for me to look at the grey and not so pretty shades of his personality. All my family had shifted their support from PMLN to PTI before 2013 elections and that was the time when I sat back and tried to dig deeper into Imran khan’s persona.

If you are Imran khan fan then I would suggest you stop reading this blog further because what you will see now is an awakening of someone who was once a die-hard fan of Imran but has gotten disillusioned from him ever since he started showing his true colors post 30 Oct 2011. He has pretty much tarnished his past heroics and accomplishments in my eyes.

I have now realized that apart from being a great cricketer and a fine philanthropist, everything else that had impressed me earlier about him was an illusion.

Here is my current, impartial and honest view about Imran, the so called Demigod of Youth:

Imran is a Pied piper. He disregards facts at will, peddle lies and cast aspersion on his opponents without any substantial evidence. He is an arrogant, conceited and cocky person. He exhibits a smug facade most of the time. He has condescending and patronizing tone when talking about his social welfare work. He belongs to elite class and has lived a life of an urban Casanova feudal. He disowned his daughter. He is alienated from his own family and doesn’t fulfill his responsibility towards them. He is an un-thankful person; he back stabbed his beneficent whenever he got a chance. As they say man is known by his company. His child hood friend Salahuddin Salli is a notorious Casanova, gambler, drunkard and adulterer of Lahore. Salli’s wife accused Imran of coming to the Salli’s place to indulge in immoral activities. She accused him of being lecher and sleazy to an extent that he even asked Salli to let him sleep with her. She said Imran was main reason of her divorce with Salli. He still spent his weekends with Salli and Zakir khan (Ex cricketer) both alleged partners in his lecherous activities.

He is full of himself, always praising himself while deriding others without any substantial proof to back his allegations. He is a lustful, lecherous person and ambitious to a dangerous extent. He reportedly took his girl friends to his parent’s Zaman park house and had his girlfriend stayed there along with his family despite opposition from his father.

He reportedly had rift with his dad all his life. His dad at death of his mother blamed Imran for all the miseries in his mother’s life.

Imran is not at talking terms with his sisters or anyone else in his family. His cousins left his party. Few months ago he divorced his second wife too, which is a testament of his impatient and unstable personality. He hardly sees his sons. He has never acknowledged his love child. She lives an estranged life of an orphan. She visits Imran’s ex-wife Jemima occasionally. He was a regular at London night clubs. His London apartment was situated in the middle of the red light area. His ex -girl friend Sita white blamed him of ditching her and his love child. She said Imran distanced himself from her after getting the news of her being pregnant with a baby ‘girl’.US court summoned him to get DNA done in order to establish patterning of the girl. He never showed up and the court gave verdict in favor of claimant Sita white. Court declared Imran to be legal father of Tyrine white and made him responsible for her financial needs. Imran never fulfilled his responsibility towards her daughter. He never publicly acknowledged her although there are quite a few pictures of him with his daughter plastered all over the internet. He is not in regular touch with his sons either. He is a greedy person and has always been a stingy freeloader. He allegedly is a substance abuser and when high on cocaine, blabbers incessantly. His long list of known girlfriends includes Emma Sargent, Zeenat Aman, Catherine Susan, Lady Lisa, Sita White. He has always lived a promiscuous and luxurious life.

He exhibited dictatorial behavior in his cricketing career. He left country for money in 79 when he joined Kerry packer. He conspired against Javed to get captaincy. He was forced to retire after financial disputes erupted between him and his team mates post world cup victory. He is vengeful. Suspecting Javed as the mastermind behind the revolt against him; he conspired against Javed’s captaincy in 92-93. He was accused of drug smuggling during his cricketing days by a team mate Qasim Omar. After Qasim Omar leveled these allegations on Imran, Imran took revenge on Qasim Omar and ensured that Qasim Omar was banned from all forms of cricket. He is accused of ruining the careers of many cricketers who were not subservient to him. Some of cricketers who still hold grudge against him on this account are Tahir Naqash, Azeem Hafeez, Anil Delpet, Younis Ahmed and Qasim Omar. After 1982 he never played under any captain. He used to take break from cricket as he pleased and on his return would demand Javed to be removed from captaincy so that he could become captain himself. He betrayed his own cousin Majid khan after becoming captain. Majid was responsible for Imran’s accession in cricket. In fact Imran got his break in cricket on being Majid’s cousin. When Imran became captain he maneuvered to axe Majid from the team. He had tussles with lots of players including Zaheer Abbas, Javed Miandad and Sarfraz Nawaz to name a few. He was jealous of Javed’s cricketing brilliance. He once declared Javed’s inning at 280 when he was so close of getting to 300 and there was a possibility of him breaking world record of 365.Imran felt insecure by Javed and any other cricketer who was a threat to his monopoly and fame . He once hit a boy who was coming running to him for his autograph. He was always extremely arrogant with his fans in the country while abroad he would mingle with the western fans specially the female ones.

His brinkmanship in the Islamabad sit-in protest cost country millions and many precious innocent lives were lost. He displayed immense callousness and cold bloodedness during his revolution juggernaut towards the lives that were affected by the chaos. He clearly asked for military intervention during sit-in and he continued to issue innuendos for intervention.

His acts accounts for treason. He should be prosecuted for bringing chaos and instability to country during his agitation. It delayed Chinese president’s visit. It afflicted numerous other losses to nation. He was claiming victory right from the beginning of sit in but had to eat his words. All his political life is full of tall claims but he always ends up losing on all fronts.

He attempted treasonous civil disobedience movement against his own country which thankfully was unsuccessful. He forcefully released his party members from police custody. He asked his followers to not to pay bills, he pleaded expatriates not to send money to the country via bank so that the economy suffers. His whole politics these days revolves around destruction to pave way for army take over. He sees in army only hope to reach the throng of power. He publicly burnt his electricity bill but after the failure of his campaign, he paid the bill embarrassingly. On 30th august 2014, he led his followers to attack on parliament and other government buildings. When government retaliated with tear gas and baton charge, Imran hid inside his cozy container while left his innocent followers at mercy of police. His followers attacked PTV building which he denied of having any involvement but later a phone conversation was released where his party leader Arif Alvi is apprising him of control on PTV building. He is responsible for many deaths and millions of dollars’ worth of loss to the country. He is also responsible for weakening the democratic institutions by his politics of mayhem. He defamed armed forces by purposefully giving hints of their backing to his violent campaign against government.

He is a cold and stoic person. Multan procession tragedy was its glaring example where he continued his triage against Nawaz Sharif despite people telling him of stampede. He showed extreme callousness towards people who died of suffocation and stampede. Incident happened because of mismanagement from PTI organizers but like always Imran refused to accept responsibility and blamed his opposition.

His political life is full of U turns that he took on almost all his political statements and commitments. He blamed Najam Sethi of conspiring with Nawaz to rig elections and claimed that he has an audio proof that he couldn’t present to court. Now he says it was a political stunt from his part and allegation was baseless. Similarly he has retreated from his earlier baseless allegations of rigging on ROs and judges.

He levels accusations without any proof. He is delusional person .Very dangerous for the country. God forbid if he ever comes to power, that will be detrimental for the country. He is capable of destroying the fabric of society and foundation of the country. He is too impetuous and unstable a person to lead a country. His lust for power has no end.

He doesn’t take criticism in his stride like a gentleman. He loses patience and snubs someone who ever ask him for an explanation on any accusations. On the converse he doesn’t think twice before casting allegations on others. He causes embarrassment to his supporters and party members for his idiotic statements. All his prophecies, all his claims have been proven wrong but that doesn’t deter him from giving rousing statements.

Ironically, he is accepting same breed of politicians in his party that he speak against.

In 2007 he flew to London claiming that he has undeniable evidences and will have Scott land yard arrest Altaf Hussain on charges of murders but later that proved another exercise in futility.

He thinks that holding a huge concert cum political procession will guarantee him victory in elections.

He sided with dictator Musharraf and on being sidelined by Musharraf he turned against him.

He apologized to nation on siding with Musharraf but it is obvious that he is now again hoping for military take over so that it can pave way for his accession to power the way Shaukat Aziz was made prime minster. Deep down Imran has realized that on political front he can’t win against strong popular and performance driven PMLN so he is now pinning his hopes on armed forces. He is aware of Nawaz Sharif’s reputation of development work and is unwilling to give Nawaz government time to flourish.

Interestingly Imran blames his opponents of the actions that he intends to perform himself.

God forbid if he would have succeeded in his malicious intentions in 2014, it would have set a very dangerous precedence all over again in the already extremely fragile political system of the country.

He is so desperate to malign his opponents that he believes in all rumors and spread any rumor against them based on hearsay without any validation.

He is conscious about his own self-respect and vehemently condemns rumors against him but when it comes to others he targets their integrity without second thought. He reviles his opponent politicians but when the very same politician joins him, they become sacred cow all of a sudden. Stark example of such politician is Sheikh Rashid whom Imran used to ridicule all the time but now he is the most clean and revolutionary politicians in his eyes. His erratic politics is damaging for stability of country. He is aware that he doesn’t enjoy popularity in rural areas. He is scared of PMLN’s development driven policies and wants to topple Sharif’s government at any cost, he is scared that if Nawaz Sharif completes his tenure then he will stand no chance in front of Nawaz Sharif even in next elections.

He is full of contradictions. His stand on war against terrorism and his support for Talban is flawed; his stand on such issues of paramount importance is confused and childish. He portrays to be a conservative Muslim to appease the conservative masses but his life style remains that of a liberal play boy. His knowledge of foreign and economic issues is abysmal. He is a pathetic orator, a pathological liar. His rhetoric of revolution has been done to death by gazillions of other politicians. He doesn’t have a pragmatic manifesto on how he is going to bring the positive change in the country. His team is full of feudal, industrialists that are bastions of the same system that Imran speaks against. Imran himself represents the same elite feudal class. He exploits media freedom and enjoys maximum media coverage; media thrives on sensationalism and shock value which Imran provides it in abundance. He is a favorite with the pro establishment media wing.

He has not worked since 1992 but he lives a lavish life style. His incessant rants against corruption seem like a broken record but he himself has questionable financial standing. He doesn’t pay enough taxes to justify his prodigal life style. His source of income is questionable too. Allegations have been leveled against him and his party of gross misconduct on charity funds. He allegedly had invested charity money on real state. Controversy shrouds on his Banigala house ownership. Suspicions were being raised on the funds used to buy the Banigala palace. He claims it to be a gift but there are questions that are unanswered regarding it. He preaches simplicity yet lives an extravagant life. Khawaja Asif accused him of gambling with charity money but he never countered the allegation in courts.

Every month one hears about a corruption scandal of KPK government. There is hardly any development work in KPK. Education and health sector projects that were started by the government have been abandoned. KPK government couldn’t even utilize the development budget allocated to it. All KPK assembly PTI members have been bribed of one designation or the other. Asad Qaiser and Pervez Khattak have installed their relatives in important posts. Nepotism at its worst form is being witnessed in KPK. Police and bureaucracy are highly politicized contrary to Imran’s promises of apolitical police. It was evident in recent massively rigged local government KPK .These elections were marred by violence. Almost 50 people died. PTI government in KPK accepted its incompetency and negligence in failing to stop violence and rigging. A top KPK leader Gandapuri was caught red handed with the ballots. On the contrary Punjab’s local body elections were relatively peaceful. His KPK government performance is dismal. Most recently he is bashing government of privatizing PIA while he himself is punishing the doctors and employees in KPK who are protesting against his government in KPK for privatizing hospitals.

In short, Imran khan is too impetuous and unstable a person to lead a country. His lust for power has no end.


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